Gillespie Primary School
Gillespie Road, Highbury, London, N5 1LH
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Gillespie Primary School | Curriculum
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Gillespie follows the National Curriculum for KS1 & KS2 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Nursery and Reception.

We develop a creative approach to teaching subjects in the curriculum to ensure that cross curricular links are made, facilitating deep and meaningful learning for pupils. We provide vibrant additional specialist learning opportunities in Science and Music.

Foundation Stage Curriculum (Nursery and Reception)

As recommended for all state schools, Gillespie follows the Foundation Stage curriculum set out by the government. For children in the Nursery and Reception classes, this means a curriculum that is organised into six areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development; and creative development.

Some learning is led and structured by adults and some is initiated by children through play and exploration.

National Curriculum for Years 1 – 6

As required for all state schools, Gillespie follows the New National Curriculum set out by government orders to commence in September 2014. We will carefully and gradually be implementing the new curriculum across this year and will keep parents informed of changes. Children in Years 2 and 6 will continue to study the requirements of the previous national curriculum until the end of July 2015 as the arrangements for assessment and testing remain the same for those year groups until September 2015.

The curriculum is divided into two Key Stages- Key Stage 1 for Years 1 & 2 (Infant children) and Key Stage 2 for Years 3-6 (Junior children). Throughout, there are three “core” subjects: English, Maths and Science. Children are also taught what are known as the “foundation” subjects: Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education. In addition it is the school statutory duty to teach Religious Education using the agreed syllabus designed by the Local Education Authority. Though not statutory, the school considers it is important to continue teaching Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) which includes Sex and Relationship Education (SRE).

We use a cross curricular approach across each term to enable children to make natural links between subject areas and deepen their learning. Each class studies an overall topic theme in each term- which can be found under the ‘Learning’ section of this website. We also involve children in deciding and planning aspects of their learning.

Children study English for at least 1 hour each day and Maths for at least 1 hour each day. The time spent on other subjects will vary depending on which year they are in. For all subjects, children are taught as a class with work adapted for groups or individuals of different abilities where appropriate.

All lessons are carefully planned in advance, with the Headteacher overseeing the plans on a weekly basis. Subject Coordinators (senior teachers in the school) also monitor the plans to make sure the curriculum is being covered and progress is being made.

Curriculum Overviews & Schemes of work

Curriculum overviews and schemes of work outline the content and key learning to be taught across each term in every year group.

Early Years

Gillespie's Foundation Stage setting is a vibrant, creative and active learning space engaging all pupils.

Science and Design and Technology

At Gillespie we offer a vibrant and high quality science and design and technology education and have built a dedicated, specialist science and technology lab to ensure that pupils get access to inspirational learning and fantastic resources. We want our children to leave Gillespie School with a genuine passion for and interest in STEM related subjects that lasts a lifetime.

Modern Foreign Languages: French

At Gillespie School we teach children French ensuring that we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for learning Modern Foreign Languages in Primary Schools.

Creative and Expressive Arts: Music, Art & Design and Dance

At Gillespie we believe the creative and expressive arts are a universal language common to all cultures. We are committed to providing a high quality music and arts education and provision for all children at Gillespie School.

PE, PSHE, health & well-being

We know that happiness, health and overall well-being are essential to ensuring that our children are able to flourish and thrive at school.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum provision at Gillespie supports growth academically and physically. It also underpins pupils' emotional well-being and nurtures their spiritual moral, social and cultural development.


We aim to provide a high quality maths education - teaching children the essential skills and knowledge to develop an understanding of the world and to create a natural curiosity and love for maths as a subject.


We aim to provide a high quality education in English which will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently and enable them to understand and communicate ideas and emotion to others. We want to inspire a love for literature, poetry and reading which will give them a window to a world of possibilities.


'A high quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.' National Curriculum


It is our aim at Gillespie to ensure that pupils become digitally literate- able to express themselves using a range of E-Learning platforms confidently, responsibly and safely.

Understanding the World: History, Geography & RE

From the beginning of their education at Gillespie we want children to make sense of their physical world, their community and to begin to develop an understanding of the wider world, its culture, its geography and its history.


Gillespie Lab_13 is a space where children explore science, investigate their own questions and turn their ideas for inventions into reality.