Gillespie Primary School
Gillespie Road, Highbury, London, N5 1LH
T: 020 7226 6840 F: 020 7354 8537
Gillespie Primary School | School Priorities
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School Priorities

The Head, Senior Leaders and governors set targets for improving the school and review them annually.

 Our School Priorities 2017-18

1. To continue to raise achievement in reading, writing and maths by improving the quality of teaching and learning across the curriculum through:

1.1 developing comprehensive reading skills and reading for pleasure in a variety of contexts across the curriculum

1.2 developing use of spelling and grammar knowledge with greater accuracy and confidence, being able to apply to independent writing across a range of genres and in all subjects

1.3 deepening understanding of maths concepts and their effective application through developing skills in reasoning and problem solving in a range of cross curricular contexts

1.4 developing the communication and language skills of EYFS children through play based learning and literacy activities


2. To provide opportunities for all children to learn from a broad and vibrant curriculum by:

2.1 ensuring cross-curricular work links core and foundation subjects effectively to deepen learning

2.2 implementing and embedding revised schemes for R.E., Computing and PSHE

3. To continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Science, raising standards by:

3.1 providing specialist and additional science provision that stimulates higher level scientific enquiry

3.2 embedding a robust system for assessing progress and achievement

3.3 high quality continuous professional development to raise the level of science pedagogy of all staff

3.4 establishing and leading cross-school primary and secondary science hub and learning partnership through the: Science for Life project


4. To further communicate our values and vision for learning to all stakeholders through:

4.1 developing a school language and culture that enables all children to develop a ‘growth mind-set’

4.2 ensuring our school curriculum and provision including social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of children prepares them to become caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults.