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Gillespie Primary School | Parent Surveys
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Parent Surveys

Parent Survey Feedback

Parent Survey 2018

Thank you for responding to our parent survey.  Many of the questions we use are the same questions as used by Ofsted when they survey parents during primary school inspections. Your responses help us evaluate how we are doing and inform issues we might explore further with you in the future. We will continue to strive to do better!

Parent Survey 2018

Thank you very much for responding to our survey. We very much appreciate your feedback and where possible have followed up on some of the individual comments you have offered which we have found really useful and constructive. For the majority of questions we have had a high percentage of positive responses which has delighted the staff and encouraged us to redouble our efforts to provide the best provision and education for our pupils in partnership with you.

There are a few questions where there have been a small but significant percentage of parents, who have indicated that the school needs to improve in these areas. These are:

I am satisfied with the quality of school meals – 40% of respondents strongly agreed, 41% agreed and only 19% disagreed with this question which is a real improvement from the last survey.  I am pleased that over 80% are satisfied with the quality of the school meals.  19% of parents still feel that school meals can be improved.  We continue to work with our school staff and the catering company Caterlink, to seeks ways to improve the menu. I am pleased that the menu is healthy and that the sourcing of products provides good quality food for the children.  In the summer term we will invite all parents to come and join their children to try the school meals for themselves.

The school deals effectively with bullying – 57% of parents strongly agreed with this statement, 13% agreed with the statement and no parents disagreed. 30% of respondents said they didn’t know whether the school deals effectively with bullying. 97% of parents who said they didn’t know, said this because their child hadn’t experienced bullying.  The overall positive parent view around this question reflects our in school evidence about how well children are behaving and how well the school addresses bullying when it does happen.  We always work hard to support all our pupils and to provide strong education about bullying including online bullying.

My child receives appropriate homework for their age – 54% parents strongly agreed, 33% agreed and 9% disagreed, 4% didn’t know.  Our last Parent Voice event led by the governors explored homework with parents and we have tried to respond to your views to ensure that we make homework as relevant and manageable as possible for children and parents.  All our teachers will continue to liaise carefully with you over homework.

I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress –  60% strongly agree, 34% agree and 6% disagree with this question.  Some parents who disagreed with the question felt that they wanted greater detail about their child’s progress. We continually strive to improve the information that the teachers provide at our parent consultation evenings and in the annual parent report. Teachers are always happy to meet with parents at any time of the year to update them on their child’s progress.

Please look out for further information about our next Parent Voice event.