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    Gillespie Primary School | Parent Surveys
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    Parent Surveys

    Parent Questionnaire Feedback

    July 2016

    Thank you for responding to our ‘Ofsted’ questionnaire. Your responses help us evaluate how we are doing and inform issues we might explore further with you in the future. We will continue to strive to do better!

    Parent Questionnaire July 16 responses

    Thank you very much to those of you who took the time to respond to our Ofsted style questionnaire. We very much appreciate your feedback and where possible have followed up on some of the individual comments you have offered which we have found really useful and constructive. For the majority of questions we have had a high percentage of positive responses which has delighted the staff and encouraged us to redouble our efforts to provide the best provision and education for our pupils in partnership with you. You responded less positively to two questions:

    I am satisfied with the quality of school meals- 47% of respondents strongly agreed, 34% agreed and only 9% disagreed with this question which is a real improvement from the last survey when only 30% of families disagreed. We found that providing a taster week for parents very positive in giving them a real experience of quality of food and a chance to eat lunch with their children.

    The school deals effectively with bullying- 44% of parents strongly agreed with this statement, 16% agreed with the statement and only 4% disagreed. 36% of respondents said they didn’t know whether the school deals effectively with bullying. This is a similar percentage to the last time we did this survey and although we have provided an ‘anti-bullying digest’ for parents in May 2016 informal conversations with some parents suggest that they simply chose ‘don’t know’ as their child had not been personally effected by bullying.