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Gillespie Primary School | Year 6 News
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Year 6 News

Get the latest news and events from Year 6

  • Harry Potter Workshop

    Year 6 went to the Harry Potter Workshop to learn about the history of magic and JK Rowling’s amazing book: Harry Potter. At the workshop, we first learned about the Philosophers Stone. The stone made all things it touches turn into gold. It will also grant the user immortality. We also learnt about magical creatures and we saw a mummified mermaid. At the workshop, we faced a multitude of challenges to find the recipe to the Philosopher’s Stone. It was a fantastic trip and we were luck...

  • Benjamin Franklin House Visit

    On the 28th of November 2017, year 6 went to the Benjamin Franklin museum (his house) as part of our learning about electricity in science. We went to answer Danny’s question about Benjamin Franklin’s kite. We found out many interesting facts about Ben and his neighbours. One of the facts about his house was that somebody was studying anatomy and acquired the bodies illegally. Because of this, they had to dispose of the bodies in their back garden. When they excavated a patch of the back...

  • Year 6 & their Victorian projects

    In Year 6 we made some wonderful projects to show to the class. We had a range of projects from inventions to delicious Victorian sweets. Every child tried there hardest to make amazing projects and think it's  fair to say they did....

  • Storytelling Workshops

    The children were treated to some storytelling assemblies and workshops this week which you can see they all thoroughly enjoyed....

  • Christmas Show

    The children performed wonderfully in this year's show based on the story 'A boy called Christmas'....