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Gillespie Primary School | Year 6
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Year 6

This is the class page for year 6 children

Latest Lab_13 News

Last week year 6 were lucky enough to spend the morning in Lab_13 dissecting fish eyes (under the expert guidance of Carole) as part of our work on ‘How we see’. We were lucky enough to have 15 Salmon and cod heads to use – thanks to the generous donation from the fish mongers at ‘Meek and Wild’ Highbury Barn.  It was hot and dirty work but we worked skilfully to extract the eyes in order to locate the lens, the retina and the optic nerve. Some of us even managed to find the gills and the brains!

We enjoyed it so much and there are definitely some budding surgeons in year six!

Watch this space for more Lab_13 antics

Autumn Term

In year 6 this term we have been learning about the Victorians. Lots of our work in English, maths, art and science has been cross-curricular. We have studied Victorian crime and punishment, Victorian money and mathematicians from the era, workhouses, food and health, school life, artists, faith and religion and the list goes on!
In English we studied Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens in our first topic. We read the book together and learnt that the story is very dramatic, filled with adventure, and crime and punishment. We used the writing to help us learn more about workhouses, prisons and life in Victorian London. We imagined what it was like inside a prison cell and wrote some vivid descriptions. We then wrote our own Victorian adventure stories.
We then did a topic about biographies and through this studied the lives of lots of famous Victorians including Arthur Wharton (the first black footballer), Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury. We wrote diary entries, postcards and our own biographies.
In art we have studied the work of a Victorian artist called Gustave Dore. We did charcoal pictures of Victorian London and then progressed to lino prints of ‘modern day’ London. They are on display outside the year 6 classroom.
In science we have been learning all about Microorganisms. We studied the work of Alexander Fleming and had a go at designing and making our own plasticine microbes!