Gillespie Primary School
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Gillespie Primary School | Year 5
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Year 5

This is the class page for year 5 children

Heart to heart…

Year 5 were lucky enough to have Ms Guram from Highbury Field School come to Gillespie and work with us in Lab 13. We had already completed some learning in Science and Maths about the heart and were ready to find out more.
We began the session discussing what we already knew before being given a sheep’s heart to look at. We had to touch it, look carefully at it whilst trying to decide which was the front, back, top and bottom. We then pushed our thumbs in to the arteries where we could feel that one side was definitely thicker than the other.
We were asked to predict then discuss how we could work out how much blood each side would hold, so using a syringe we filled each side with water. This was quite hard to do because the hearts were very slippery to hold.
Ms Guram then showed us how to dissect the heart – she certainly made it look easy! We worked in pairs – one holding and one cutting. Once we had managed it we could see inside the heart, we measured both side of the heart, then cut down the sides to see the heart strings and the valves. The heart strings were very strong!
Ms Guram then brought out a ‘pluck’ which is the windpipe attached to the lungs, liver and heart. She dissected the windpipe to show us the ridges and the lungs to show us how the air travels around inside it. It was really interesting but we were glad we didn’t have to dissect that as well!
The lesson was amazing and we learned lots of new things and skills. We used our learning to make models of the heart with our partner. If you look closely, you can see that some of us tried to add in valves and heart strings.

Tudor workshop

 Ian Brener from ‘Dance back in time’ came in to do a morning workshop with Year 5 (June 2013).
The children dressed up in Tudor costume, learnt 4 Tudor dances (the Washerwoman’s Brawl, The Farundal, The servants brawl and the Gallard), played some Tudor instruments and learnt a song.


In PSHEEC Year 5 are learning about Homelessness. They were very lucky to have a visit from Shreya Raval who is a Team Manager for Single Homeless Project (SHP), here in London. Shreya has been working with homeless people for a number of years and shared some of her experiences with the class.
They discussed what homelessness is, why people might become homeless as well as support and services that are available in London for homeless people.
The class found out some interesting facts from Shreya, who answered all of the children’s questions:
  • The main reason people become homeless is due to a relationship breakdown
  • Not all homeless people are addicted to alcohol and drugs
  • In 2012 nearly 6000 people were sleeping on the streets in London but that there are possibly the same number who are ‘hidden homeless’, (sleeping at friends houses, staying in hostels etc).
  • ‘The Big Issue’ was started by someone who was homeless and was set up to help people earn money.
  • Children’s thoughts and opinions about homelessness have changed now that they understand more about it, so thank you Shreya!

Show Racism the Red Card

In March Years 5 and 6 had Show Racism the Red Card workshops. The morning consisted of 2 sessions- a football activities session all about team work and a classroom session about racism; where the children learnt about different forms of racism, how we shouldn’t stereotype and of course about why racism is wrong. Both leaders were ex professional footballers – one of whom is in the Guiness Book of Record for being the first Bengali footballer to play in a professional team!

Kew Gardens

In February Year 5 went to Kew to look at sculptures by David Nash, as part of their yearly ‘orchids at kew’ exhibition and to see what we could learn in the conservatories. We also went on the tree top walkway and even saw a peacock hanging around the cafe.