Gillespie Primary School
Gillespie Road, Highbury, London, N5 1LH
T: 020 7226 6840 F: 020 7354 8537
Gillespie Primary School | Reception News
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Reception News

Get the latest news and events from Reception

  • Science Museum Trip

    This half term our topic has been Space. We have learnt about how astronauts get into space, why things float in space and what the astronauts need to live on the International Space Station. We also looked at the different planets in the solar system and found out if they were made of rock or gas. We took the tube to the science museum where we saw real rockets, and capsules, a model of the moon and we took a trip into space onto the International Space Station. ...

  • Gillespie Park Ecology Centre Visit

    For our very first trip, we went on a trip to Gillespie Park ecology centre, to look for signs of autumn. Whilst we were there we collected leaves, sticks, seed and stones and made a house for a tiny animal such as an insect or rodent. Louisa, the lady who took us around Gillespie Park, took us to the stone circle where we closed our eyes and listened to the noises in the park. We heard the wind, a train and complete silence. Finally we looked on the floor to find as many different coloured leav...

  • Storytelling Workshops

    The children were treated to some storytelling assemblies and workshops this week which you can see they all thoroughly enjoyed....

  • Christmas Show

    The children performed wonderfully in this year's show based on the story 'A boy called Christmas'....

  • Life-cycles in Reception

    This term Reception’s topic is Life Cycles. This means that they are learning about the different stages of growth in different animals. Specifically, they have been looking at the life cycles of tadpoles and caterpillars. To do this, the class has a tank for tadpoles,......