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Gillespie Primary School | Benjamin Franklin House Visit
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06 Dec Benjamin Franklin House Visit

On the 28th of November 2017, year 6 went to the Benjamin Franklin museum (his house) as part of our learning about electricity in science. We went to answer Danny’s question about Benjamin Franklin’s kite. We found out many interesting facts about Ben and his neighbours.

One of the facts about his house was that somebody was studying anatomy and acquired the bodies illegally. Because of this, they had to dispose of the bodies in their back garden. When they excavated a patch of the back garden, they found thousands of human bones and, just to be nice, the workers at the museum told us this in a room that had been built on top of the back garden!

We also discovered how lightning behaves. We found out that it tries to reach the ground as quickly as possible. He found this out by flying a kite with a wire on top. He then attached a key at the bottom. The lightning sparked from the key to the ground. Many have wondered how he did not get electrocuted, but no one really knows. Because of this discovery, he invented a lightning rod. They used a Tesla coil to demonstrate how different materials work as lightning rods. They also used it to re-enact his kite experiment.

Ben also took things called ‘air baths’. This was when he stood in front of a window naked!

The tour guide who was dressed up as Polly, the land lady’s daughter, dressed us up as servants. She also asked lots of questions about modern life and said how strange it was.

All together it was a great trip, and I would highly recommend it.

By Zac Sherman